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The Tourists III:  Pavilion
Pavillion, Installation, Exhibition, Art Space Pythagorion, Samos, 2019

An installation featuring a 3-dimensional montage of images on a 'misfit pavilion' of overlapping planes and volumes, a series of small and large scale objects and print-blocks, and three reflective surfaces.  It produces meaning via visitor movement - sequences, groups and juxtapositions of photographic narratives - across a massive picture window to a popular village beach.  "The Tourists" is a collective art & research project by the Depression Era collective on the intersections of global migrations and global tourism.  The project operates as a subversive tourism campaign.  This iteration of the project (after exhibitions and interventions in Athens, Basel and Amsterdam), assembled at Art Space Pythagorion on Samos, reiterates old themes of the campaign and explores its emergent identities, ambiguous characters and imaginary places, echoing contemporary narratives of power, encounter, arrival and departure featured in global media and contemporary art.  It is not clear whether these belong to tourism ads or to disaster news streams.

Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Construction: Constructivist / Giorgos Efstathoulidis
Curator:  Katerina Gregos
Depression Era Curatorial Team:  Yorgos Prinos, Georges Salameh, Dimitris Tsoumplekas, Chrissou Voulgari

04 - 09.2019