SELECTED WORKS


Modular Outdoor Sleep Frames on Rock Dugouts

This project occupies a series of seasonal cultivation terraces on a sloped, arid East Aegean terrain for minimum impact. It contains three types of spaces:  a permanent, dry-stone, indoor dugout for sleep, wet, storage, cistern, and electrical spaces integrated into the terraced landscape;  a series of modular outdoor structures, seasonally erected and (dis) assembled for semi-outdoor sleep and living;  and extensive, shaded, in-between spaces for cooking, eating, gardening, and gathering.  These spaces are built using vernacular tectonics including clay / dried seagrass roofs, bamboo screens and panels, dry stone masonry, cisterns, pre-charred wood frame, fabric screens, terazzo and limestone finishings, responding to existing building code for assemblable structures.  The earth base and light frames collect shade, sun, and water, resulting to a Net-Zero Building.

Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Designers: Yvonne Fu, Elmer Liu
Structural, Environmental + Landscape Engineering: