SELECTED WORKS


Urban Design, Infrastructure & Landscape Renewal: 2016

The waterfront reclamation proposal for the city of Patras includes an artificial beach, a vibrant, multivalent public spaces and sustainable infrastructures, articulated in a series of Cultural, Waterscape, Play, Sport and Renewable Energy Produciton zones.  These comprise a Water Park with two different edges:  the seaside, open to the horizon and interfacing with the water in a variety of lanscapes;  the landside, reflecting the structure, land uses, density, and local character of its cross-facing urban fabric.  The proposal designs a filter between city and sea: a permeable zone of transverse movement, stasis and wandering, a series of public and encounter spaces and, beyond them, four insular jetties holding iconic architectural monuments of the Levant - a Market, a Reef, an Energy Park and a Marina, all reaching out to the horizon, invigorating seafront access and reinventing a series of harbourfront gray zones.  Different construction phases and a second layer of pilot urban interventions progressively and radically alter local quality of life.  The open buildings, new monuments and artificial  landscapes are supported by an open, innovative, renewable energy station that is designed a major cultural and public artifact, powering a new urban typology:  a self-sufficient, activating, accessible City-Sea.

Design Principals: Petros Babasikas, Nikos Smyrlis
Student Interns: Amanda Spentzari, Nasia Pappa, Katerina Davou