SELECTED WORKS


Infrastructure & Urban Design, Region of Calabria, Italy, 2011

Finalist, Landscape Infrastructure, Urban Planning & Design Competition

The Autostrada del Sole, disconnected from Calabria’s coast, is strategically opened to local flows and structures.  An expanded map, re-drawing the landscape and territory from the point of view of the highway, leads to 12 pilot interventions, turning the decomissioned infrastructure to a public work-in-progress:  a Future Archaeology that keeps shoring and opening to the landscape, gradually decomissioning and transforming its major elements into a park.  A kit of hybrid design interventions organizes Tourism, Culture & Research, Energy & Access into a sustainable landscape.  Parco Solare 2020 grows in time, using the longtitudinal highway network to connect to its local economy, while weaving a transverse passage of flora, fauna, pedestrians, vehicles, public transport, water, waste & power.

Desing Principal: Petros Babasikas
Designer: Farzad More
Student Interns: Dimitra Bra, Dimitra Papageorgiou, Dora Moudatsou, Anthi Vathi

Reclamation Proposal for Highway & Roadside Landscape into Park of Sustainable Ruins