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Nicosia 2017

ARCH DAILY BEST Architecture Drawings of 2017

The Architecture of the New Cyprus Museum aims to re-connect Archaeology with individual and public Vision. It allows the public to follow the steps of archaeologists in a measured descent / ascent through different states of light, earth, closeness and knowledge. The Museum recreates the process of Archaeological Discovery in its spaces, materials and circulation while also creating iconic landscapes and public spaces for, and a single landmark tower looking out toward the city of Nicosia.  The program also engages a Unified Cultural District, a series of Parks and Public Spaces and a Covered Museum punctuated by a series of iconic courtyard spaces, concentrating the artifacts and the cultural experience into a series of mounds, walkways, rifts and colonnades, responding to climate change and marking the edges of the project with some of the fortress architecture of the medieval city.  The NCM creates a Future Archaeology as a descent and ascent into different states of inertia, light and dark, past and future, discovery and reconstruction. Depending on routes and orientation, its layers are not always sequential; beyond a basic, linear route, they also accept the rifts of history, emerging unexpectedly and non-chronologically. In the transverse and sectional views of the Permanent Exhibition, a Geometric Figure appears to hold a Roman Statue; a small horse stands in front of a garden; and people from the Rooftop Park look at you in the middle of a future excavation, among the Artifacts.

Design Principals:  Petros Babasikas, Nikos Smyrlis
Design Associates:  Savvas Kakalis, Alexandros Tzoutzas