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Kazan 2021

KAZANKA.CITY proposes a sustainable architecture, infrastructures and program for the development of five urban blocks on Kazanka River in Russia. These blocks are integrated with a regenerated linear coastal park. The meeting of the two systems – blocks & park – forms a unique public domain and a gateway to a new waterscape.

The architectural innovations include structural Mass Timber, Water Retention Systems and Public Infrastructures:  Dunes, Green Alleyways and Courtyards, networks of Plazas and Pedestrian Walkways, a Soft Embankment, Boardwalks and Piers, Winter Gardens, Commercial Spaces, Offices, and Housing.  These are held by Arcade Spaces under an extensive, timber-framed Canopy: the Podium to a waterfront Performance Center, mixed-use Midrise Buildings, and Residential Towers.

KAZANKA.CITY defines the regeneration of the Kazanka riverfront cultural landscape with a new civic identity.  It transforms this unique body of water into a single, visible urban space.

Design Principal:  Petros Babasikas
Design Associate:  Irina Rouby-Apelbaum
Designers:  Jim Kurt Ereno, Pearl Cao, Rui Zhang, Bahia Marks