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Urban & Landscape Design: Municipality of Kavala, Region of Eastern Macedonia 2014

FIRST PRIZE, Architecture & Urban Design Competition, 2008

The  design for the Kapnergati Square Area, Park and Network of Pedestrian Walkways was a six year effort for the urban renewal of a central public space in Kavala, a coastal city in North Eastern Greece.  The project engaged a large design and engineering team in collaboration with the Municipality of Kavala’s Department of Urbanism and in consultation with various urban agencies and institutions.  The design invented and deployed a variety of small and large scale, durable and identifiable urban objects, systems and surfaces, including a series of hard- and soft-scapes, prisms & berms; seating elements; oblique and vertical gardens; lines of trees; water infrastructure; different surfaces of walkways; and a network of overhead web-lights.  These elements combined to create open and inclusive civic spaces, places of gathering, encounter and assembly, and multiple, accessible pedestrian zones. The area’s masterplan connected different areas of the city - its commercial to its civic centre and its cultural and residential district to its waterfront - and fronted one if its major cultural artifacts - the Kapnergates Museum. The project’s urban design created zones of transition and definition among these parts of the city and three, new inter-connected entities: a civic square, an open urban park and a zone of movement and play.

Design Principals: Petros Babasikas, Polyxeni Mantzou, Dimitra Riza
Executive Architect: Obermeyer Hellas
Municipality of Kavala Project Manager:  Polyxeni Hatziiliadou
Traffic Engineers: K. Tyrologos Lyseis Techniki
Structural Engineer: C. Giotis
Mechanical Engineers: S. Tsantes HM Schediasmos SA
Landscape Designers: Fytoplan SA
Project Designer: Anthie Verykiou
Designers: Chrysokona Mavrou, Kassiani Leontiadou
Architecture Interns: Dimitra Papageorgiou, Niki Kakali

09.2008 - 06.2014