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EMST Public Space, II
Strategic Redesign, Reuse and Reprogramming, Entrance Area: Athens National Museum of Contemporary Art

A series of modular, multi-use objects combining in different assemblies, one of six elements re-programming and re-organizing the public entrance and circulation spaces of EMST into a space of gathering, exhibition, and encounter.  The objects are steps, seats, desks, bookshelves, tiers, play-blocks, planters, plinths, study spaces, architectural fragments and scale models of historic Athenian buildings.

Phase II of a series of acupunctural Design Interventions, as framed in the “EMST Public Space” Toolkit for the Contemporary Art Museum’s Adaptive Reuse via small-scale, high-impact interventions.  The objects are stations and attractors, contributing to the institution’s identity transformation into an Open Museum.

Concept & Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Concept & Project Management:  Constantinos Petrakos
Concept & Art Direction:  Chrysoula Voulgari
Design Associates:  Savvas Kakalis, Adamantia Soulioti, Anna Biza
Construction:  Katsadouras Wood Creations
Plants:  Giannis Gryllis
EMST Production: Iro Nikolakea, Danae Giamalaki
EMST Management:  Athina Ioannou, Ioli Tzanetaki
EMST Aristic Director:  Katerina Gregos

10.2021 - present