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EMST Public Space
Strategic Redesign, Adaptive Reuse Interventions, Sustainable Installations, Architectural & Infrastructural Renewal: Athens National Museum of Contemporary Art

A Masterplan, Toolkit, and a series of acupunctural Design Interventions in-progress for the Adaptive Reuse of the interior and exterior spaces of the Historic venue of the old Fix Brewery and current Contemporary Art Museum in Athens.  The project sets up the future adaptation of the building and institution to a global cultural context and changing climate reality, enhancing its public character through a series of sustainable installations and interventions.  It sets a general framework for future designs and logs a useful index of ideas for the ongoing transformation of the building viasmall-scale, high-impact interventions that also transofm the neutral and generic identity of the institution into an Open Museum, a living center of cultural production accessible to all, clement, welcoming, and multi-modal, directly connected with the city of Athens.

Concept & Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Concept & Project Management:  Constantinos Petrakos
Concept & Art Direction:  Chrysoula Voulgari
Landscape Designs:  Giannis Gryllis
Design Associates:  Savvas Kakalis, Ambika Pharma, Niko Delic, Adamantia Soulioti
EMST Production: Iro Nikolakea, Danae Giamalaki
EMST Management:  Athina Ioannou, Ioli Tzanetaki
EMST Aristic Director:  Katerina Gregos

10.2021 - present