SELECTED WORKS


Cliff + Tower House
Architecture, Landscape Remediation

This project  documents a complex cliffside terrain for minimum impact. It combines a nine square grid house with a tower, both integrated into the cliffside via minimum digging, dry stone retaining walls and water cisterns. The base is a patchwork, growing around a series of massive boulders, a courtyard, the cisterns, terraces of cultivation, dry stone walls and ancient trees. 3 glass pavilions and 3 tower levels frame sea views, axial and curving downhill paths. A series of massive stone walls sourced from the cliff curve around the boulders; these, together with a column grid with found capitols hold a cantilevering green roof with exposed beams. The building collects water, sun, and shade.

Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Designers: Ray Zhang, Jim Kurt Ereno
Structural + Environmental Engineering:  Future Constructions

11.2021 - ongoing