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Architecture, Urban Design, Infrastructure: 2020

BRIDGE.CITY proposes an integrated architecture, infrastructure and programme for the regeneration of a sustainable linear park, the planning of a new public space and the construction of a landmark building interfacing the cultures and structures of Gorizia Italy and Nova Gorica Slovenia.

The Transborder Park reforms a series of brownfields, industrial areas and traffic lines by constructing a network of N-S blue and green infrastructures (landforms, watersheds, flood basins, reservoirs, channels and parklands) between Italy and Slovenia. These are marked by industrial buildings, civic spaces, play areas, parking gardens, crossings, and different paths.  

The Piazza della Transalpina organizes pedestrian, vehicular and bicycle movements and is covered by a light canopy. It is a bounded square by existing and new buildings. The EPICenter is a building and a bridge in two levels.  It is a clement monument.

Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Designers: Pearl Cao, Fiona Lu, Curtis Ho, Milan Nikic