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ATHENS 2030:  the City as a Resilient Waterscape
Masterplan, Urban & Landscape Design, Architectural & Infrastructural Renewal: Athens Regeneration Organization 2019

HONOURABLE MENTION, Architecture & Urban Design Competition for the Regeneration of the Historic Centre of Athens

A Plan, Toolkit and Manifesto for the radical renewal and sustainable transformation of a Mediterranean Metropolis against climate crisis, not through iconic buildings or public plazas, but by strengthening existing blue and green Infrastructural Networks, Maintenance Protocols and spaces of Community Engagement with a visible Architectural and Urban identity.  The plug-in design and planning, within the urban fabric, of a series of public reservoirs, cisterns, water tanks, splash pads, channels, catchment basins and public fountains;  a co-dependent, accessible network of communal, vertical, and parking Gardens;  sustainable mobility interventions including bicycle routes, sidewalk and crossing expansion, pedestrian routes and slow traffic roads;  the Adaptive Reuse of abandoned public buildings and their adjacent street fronts, arcades and sidewalks as Hubs with co-op, workshop, traditional commerce, innovation, market, work/live and communal uses.  An Urban Research project on the blue/green infrastructures and commons during key phases of the historical expansion of Athens, and an hydrological study on the Aquiferous CIty (Hydroforos Polis) connecting public architecture with landscape and hydro infrastructure.  Looking for a new Athenian Commons, replacing the economic drivers of the Automobile and the Polykatoikia with public forms of Water.

Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Traffic Engineer: Kyriakos Tyrologos
Planning & Environmental Engineer:  Mania Lambrou
Landscape Consultant & Engineering:  Leto Christodoulopoulou
Designers: Miranda Fay, Niko Dellic, Thomas Huang, Anne Kwan, Marienka Bishop-Kovac
Landscape Designer:  Ambika Pharma

04 - 10.2019