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Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary
Land- & Sea-scape Remediation, Adaptive Reuse: the Archipelagos Institute for Marine Conservation

The Aegean Marine Life Sanctuary is a multi-diciplinary research, veterinary and educational facility in the island of Leipsoi, Greece. It accommodates the rehabilitation of captive or injured animals, provides expert veterinary and medical care, and supports innovative research projects. It drives the multi-level healing of a post-industrial coastal landscape, marine environment and an existing building using small scale, high impact techniques and solutions-based initiatives, testing a model for the development of future wildlife sanctuaries.

Developed for and in collaboration with the Archipelagos Institute of Marine Conservation, AMLS allows for the direct participation of Leipsoi’s local communities of fishermen, herders, builders, small industries and schools in the making and running of a new institution. The renovation and new infrastructures aim to a carbon-positive impact, including the use of recycled materials, low-impact technologies, sustainable waste and water management, traditional building techniques and landscape stewardship, and connected architectural elements: a shading canopy, vertical and parking gardens, dry-stone weirs and terraces, custom seafloor rehabilitation, and a series of lightweight human shelters in the valley around the Sanctuary cove.

Design Principal: Petros Babasikas
Designers: Phat Le, Milan Nikic, Yvonne Fu, Jihee Kim, Bahia Marks, Elmer Lyu, Veronika Salamun, Karl Lam
Landscape Designer:  Connor Stevens
Archipelagos Institute Director:  Thodoris Tsimbidis
Archipelagos Institute Scientific Director:  Anastasia Miliou
Archipelagos Institute Project Manager:  Nikki Cotterill

02.2020 - 09.2021